Welcome Bach....to a new year of music making!!!

  Saturday, July 22, 2017 by Amy Black | Welcome

As summer vacation starts to slow down to a screeching halt, we start to change our mind set back into the grind of Fall, the school year, back-to-school supplies, last minutes mini vacations and family outings, and scheduling all the extra fun activities that we so desperately want our children to experience. Also, for adults, we are thinking about how we can further enrich our lives by adding just one more thing into the weekly schedule.

It is a time to be excited for all of the new adventures that life will bring to your doorstep this year. The learning that will happen will not be in vain and whatever we choose to do with our extra time will surely bring us the pleasure that we so desire. It is my belief that music can give you all of those things; for yourself and for your children. I love sharing music with my students and allowing them to be an active participant in the decision making of where they want their musical journey to go. 

This year promises to be one of new experiences. I will be taking up residence at a studio in the Diventi Music Conservatory (formerly Piper Music), two to three days a week. This will be a new experience for me to teach in a studio other than in my home. I am very excited about the musical atmosphere that will surround me and my students in this conservatory environment. Also, I have moved to Ferndale and will be setting up my home studio there probably just one day a week to begin with. 

I can't wait to start programming the year of music with my intermediate and advanced students. They will become the steering wheel in our studies this year. They have so many ideas of which musical directions they want to take and I am so excited to see where they lead us. My beginners will continue to be a part of the year-long incentive program that will be revealed in late August. Group lessons will continue with beginners in a different group than my intermediate students. Therefore, we will only meet every other month.

So, hold on to your hat and get ready for a great year of music making.