Ms. Amy's Piano Studio Policy

September  2017

My Responsibilities

-I will teach your child the language of music.

-l teach music with this single purpose: so my students will be able to give voice to that which they cannot say and for which they have no words.

-My studio is a positive and enthusiastic environment.

-I will tailor the curriculum to match your child’s specific learning needs.

Student & Family Responsibilities

-Students agree to arrive at each lesson punctually, well-prepared, and with their assignment books and music.

-To make good progress, daily quality practice is necessary.

-I want you to completely understand every assignment. Please ask questions.

-If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child please let me know. Please err on the side of letting me know more so I can be sensitive to the needs of your child. A quick text on the way to lesson can make the difference between a great lesson and a difficult one.  

-All students are encouraged to attend monthly Group Class. Classes will be once a month on a Saturday.


Tuition covers not only the actual lesson time spent with the student, but time preparing for each student as well. Also included in tuition are the monthly Group Lesson and an End of the Year Recital.

Tuition is a flat rate payable at the beginning of each month.

10 months = $115 per month

Adults on Bi-Monthly hour lessons tuition is $50 per week


Tuition payments may be paid in check, cash or PayPal. PayPal use will incur a 3% fee.

Tuition not received by the 10 th of the month will result in a $10 late charge.

Materials Fee

A one-time $10 fee payable at the beginning of the year. This fee pays for binders for all of my school-aged students filled with everything they are going to need for the entire year, including incentive programs, rhythm games and worksheets, theory worksheets, scales, flashcards, a new notebook, pencil case and pencil, and any additional copies that might be needed throughout the year.

Lesson Books will be an additional charge.


Incentive Programs

Students will engage in a Amazing Music Race program. This program will last the entire 35 weeks of instructions and will have prizes at each achieved benchmark. Additional information on this program will be included in the binders and also on my website. 

Group Lesson

Sometimes playing the piano can be a little lonesome. It’s wonderful to play an instrument that sounds so good by itself, but opportunities to play with and for others are not as plentiful. To help make up for this, and also because it’s just plain fun, we have bi-monthly group lessons. This is optional, but recommended.

Activities include:

A chance to perform for peers in a relaxed setting

Theory Games

Musical Crafts

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Videos

Make-up/ Cancelation Policy

Because specific times are set aside for each student, missing a lesson will result in a loss of that benefit. I will instead use that time to plan for student progress, locate materials, and review for the next lesson time. Please be assured that your tuition pays for more than the time spent with you or your child (see brochure handout "Where Does My Tuition Go?") Make-up lessons will therefore only be offered if I am unable to teach the promised number of lessons.


Students who are ill should not come to piano lessons. The monthly Group Lessons can be considered make-ups for absences due to illness. If a student is mildly ill, please email or phone me and we can discuss a phone or Skype lesson.

Lesson Swap List

If you know in advance that you will have a conflict with your scheduled lesson time, you may opt to be a part of a new Lesson Swap Program this year.

1) Anyone wishing to participate agrees to have his/her information shared publicly with other members participating.

2) If you see a time that might work better for your lesson, you may request for that time on my website. Spots available will be listed as Make-Up slot.

3) I must be informed of all swaps in advance.

4) If 2 people arrive at the same time, the lesson will be given to the person who is regularly schedule at that time.

5) Please inform me if you would like for your name and number to be on the Swap List.